Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weight & College.

Weight is one of those things in life that I feel will forever be the bane of my existence. As time is passing, people around me are losing weight. I feel like I am stuck, either not losing any, or gaining. I know it's partially my fault. It is not as if I am doing anything to fix this problem of mine. I think it finally has gotten into my head to do something about it. Let's see, I want to start planning what I eat. The calories and so on. But I will also exercise. Maybe not the gym kind, but dance off the calories. I think that works just as well as the rest. The next issue is college. I have not filled out any applications and it is already the second of January. What am I going to do? Really, one of my fears is that I will not be accepted into any of the colleges I apply to, which is why I've been stalling. But maybe once I go back home, I'll get started on those. I have to if I want to go to college the following year.